Rawguru Organic Cacao Nibs (1lb/453g)

Rawguru Organic Cacao Nibs (1lb/453g)

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Expiration date: November 2019

Ingredients: Organic 100% Arriba Nacional Cacao Nibs

Net Weight: 16 oz / 1 lb (453 g)

High in the mountains of Ecuador grows the most rare and sought after cacao bean in the world, the heirloom Ecuadorian Arriba Nacional. These trees are grown in nutrient rich volcanic soil and watered naturally by rain or natural springs. Each pod of cacao beans is hand picked and selected only when ripe and mature, providing you with the best possible flavor and nutritional value. This is 100% Raw Cacao from start to finish.

Raw Cacao contains over 300 nutritional compounds including the bliss chemical anandamide, PEA, seratonin, tryptophan, and is the richest source of magnesium in the world.

Country of Origin: Ecuador

Grown in nutrient rich volcanic soil 

Watered naturally rain or springs

What do I do with cacao bean nibs?:

* Eat them plain, chewing and experiencing the taste
* Pop a handful in your mouth with a dab of agave nectar
* Add to your fruit, nut or coconut based smoothie
* Creativity abounds in raw brownies or a raw chocolate pecan pie