Vegan House Organic Sprouted Styrian Pumpkin Seeds (8oz./227g)

Vegan House Organic Sprouted Styrian Pumpkin Seeds (8oz./227g)

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Vegan House sprouted pumpkin seeds have been soaked and dehydrated to improve digestibility and flavour! If you’re never tried raw, organic Styrian pumpkin seeds, you’re in for a treat! This Austrian pumpkin cultivar is filled with seeds that are nutty, crunchy, and uniquely rich in flavor and nutrients. Try them in salads, sauces, breads, crackers, veggie burgers, energy bars, or simply as a healthy on-the-go snack!

Better Than Roasted

The high temperatures used to roast the nuts actually damage the fats, and form free radicals. 

These dangerous substances will not be produced when soaking, sprouting or dehydrating raw almonds at the usual low temperatures. 

Pumpkin Seeds' Health Benefits

- High in Magnesium (aids in synthesis of RNA and DNA, the pumping of your heart, proper bone and tooth formation, relaxation of your blood vessels, and proper bowel function)

- High in Zinc (immunity, cell growth and division, sleep, mood, your senses of taste and smell, eye and skin health, insulin regulation, and male sexual function)

- One of the best sources of plant-based omega-3s

- Beneficial for Prostate Health

- Rich in natural phytoestrogens, increases good "HDL" cholesterol along with decreases in blood pressure, hot flashes, headaches, joint pains and other menopausal symptoms in postmenopausal women.

- Rich in Healthy Fats, Antioxidants and Fibers, may provide benefits for heart and liver health

- Rich source of Tryptophan, an amino acid (protein building block) that aids in Sleep.

- Anti-inflammatory