Maple Landmark NameTrains (Bright)


Since 1984, Maple Landmark Woodcraft has been crafting educational wooden toys using locally sourced maple, in Middlebury, USA.

Our famous NameTrains can be the most unique personalized gift your child gets! Great for birthday or Christmas gifts or any time you want to celebrate a child's name. 

Bright Color NameTrain Letter Cars are crafted from locally sourced and sustainably harvested hard maple. Magnets allow you to attach cars to form names and words.
Each Bright Color NameTrain Letter Car is available in one of 6 colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, or purple. The Letter Car measures about 2-1/2" tall and about 2-5/8" long.
We will assort the colours based on your order. For specific colours, please email us on your preference. Please take note that colours are subject to availability.
Product information:
- Non-toxic finish
- For age 3 and above (due to small parts)
- Colour may vary slightly due to settings
- For baby or younger children, use it for display and add a touch to room.
NameTrains™ track and alphabet letters are compatible with Brio® and Thomas the Tank® wooden railway systems.

Each NameTrains™ come with two add-ons, by default Black Engine and a Red Caboose. You can choose to swop either with any other available add-ons. 

Please notify us by email if you would like to swop the Black Engine or Red Caboose.


Introduction of NameTrain letters

NameTrain Accessories

See the NameTrains elves at work!

NameTrain Prices:

3-Letter + 2 add-ons - SGD 50.00
4-Letter + 2 add-ons - SGD 60.00
5-Letter + 2 add-ons - SGD 70.00
6-Letter + 2 add-ons - SGD 80.00
7-Letter + 2 add-ons - SGD 90.00
8-Letter + 2 add-ons - SGD 100.00
9-Letter + 2 add-ons - SGD 110.00
10-Letter + 2 add-ons - SGD 120.00

How to order:
After completion of order, please email us the letters of the name train at

Available Add-Ons at $10.00 each:

Elmer Elephant

Police Car

Wally Whale

Taxi Car

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