All Man - Gentlemen's Ayurvedic Soap Bars (4 scents)

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Inspired by forests, cliffs and dark desert skies, these bold bars are expertly crafted to invoke the raw inner self with earthy scents - while presenting a clean, polished outer self. A hefty bar at 7 ounces, with scents of lemon, citrus, passion fruit, and mint that evoke and inspire adventure and intrigue with every wash. Set of 8 all natural soaps comes with 2 of each scent. 

natural herbs and ingredients, cotton packaging, paper packaging
Item code: MHS 102


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  Funds Community Development



  Cruelty Free 



Dimensions: 3.5" x 2.5" x 1.5"


Comes in 4 scents:

VIGOR (Strength & Vitality) - Lemon, tiger herb, basil leaf, red sandalwood, neem leaf and glycerine.

GRAIN (Liberated & Distinct) - Orange fruit, brahmi tulsi leaf, red sandalwood, neem leaf and glycerine.

EDGE (Refined & Sharp) - Mint leaf, tiger herb, basil leaf, red sandalwood, neem leaf and glycerine.

ROOT (Rugged & Burly) - Apricot, walnut, basil leaf, aloe vera, madder root, coconut oil, lemon oil, ratanjot and glycerine.

Purchase all scents in a set at a special price!

Set of 4 (1 of each scent) - $46.50 (U.P. $51.60)

Set of 8 (2 of each scent) - $82.60) (U.P. $103.20) 


Ayurvedic Soap Making

Handcrafted using ancient Indian ayurvedic techniques, Matr Boomie's herbal soaps are the perfect balance of purity and fragrance. Artisans boil fruity, all-natural ingredients such as rose, sandal, basil and turmeric to generate extracts, which are mixed with oils and soap base before being molded and cooled. All of our soaps are made of vegetable glycerin and are free of detergents and phosphates, so the gentle aromatic lather will not dry skin.

The women who make the soaps live in a remote multicultural region in central India known as “City of Nawabs” (royalty). This artisan group was established under a government initiative to uplift women through livelihood generation in local villages. In addition to fair wages, artisans participate in workshops about improving health, hygiene and sanitation.