Buddha Board, Mini - Black (with Gift Card)

Buddha Board, Mini - Black (with Gift Card)

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"Rarely has a nonfunctional design beguiled me as thoroughly as has Eric Thrall’s Buddha Board, a playful expression of the Zen idea that manages to be evocative, amusing and elegant, all at the same time. ”
                                                                  Judith Arango - San Francisco Chronicle




Buddha Board is inspired by the Zen idea of living in the moment. Watch your creative expressions on the Buddha Board fade away as the water slowly evaporates. Buddha Board is environmentally friendly as it uses only water - no ink, no paint, no chemicals - and it will last for years with proper care. Live for the moment and enjoy!


The Mini Buddha Board is an elegantly packaged, 5-inch square portable buddha board that folds into its own small easel stand. It has a little trough for water if desired, and comes with a small paint brush.


Inside the mini case, opposite to the board, was an in-set piece of Japanese paper for a written permanent message (for your recipient).

Available in Black only. Enjoy!


Dimensions: 5” x 5” x 1/2”


Customers' reviews on Amazon (4.5 stars, 64 reviews)
Makes an unusual gift
By nightscribe on October 7, 2008
Purchased for my niece recovering from surgery. Told her it gave her another use for that water they kept on her nightstand. She laughed. She loved it. Also (most importantly) it provided her with a much-needed and soothing distraction from her hospital surroundings.
Mini Buddha Board
By Pomptonqueen on May 12, 2009
This is the ultimate visual demonstration of the saying, "This, too, shall pass". When the busyness and stress of everyday life start to get to me, I can paint a simple picture, or merely a word and watch it slowly disappear. The Buddha board is non-messy, easy to use, easy to store and portable. I find it highly relaxing and have sent one to everyone in my family.
Letting Go Board
By T. White on April 7, 2013
I have it on my office desk-- it's the perfect size. When a student or staff member is upset about someone or something
they just take the small brush out and paint/write their worry-- then the worry slowly fades away.

Great for kids too!
By jantirak on August 9, 2011
I got this as a present for my 4 y.o. nephew who is into painting. He's really into mixing colors so I wasn't sure how this would go over but he likes it! The fact that the image disappears keeps him interested despite it being only one color. He does tend to over saturate his brush with too much water though, which makes the drying time longer, but it's cool enough that he likes playing with it. A great buy for kids young and old! 



About Buddha Board

Buddha Board is inspired by the Zen idea of living in the moment. You simply paint on the surface with water and your creation will come to life in bold design. Then as the water slowly evaporates, your art will magically disappear leaving you with a clean slate and a clear mind, ready to create a whole new masterpiece.


Buddha Board is environmentally friendly as it only uses water – no ink, no paint, no chemicals – and it will last for years with proper care.  Live for the moment and enjoy!




How do I use a Buddha Board?

All the components are included in your Original Buddha Board set. The semi-transparent sheet is meant to go under your water tray if you expect potential water dripping (as with children sometimes). You may place the board in landscape (horizontal) or portrait (vertical) position in the square notches of the tray. The curved notches in front of those are meant to hold your brush. Fill your tray with ½ inch of water only. Dip your paintbrush in the water and create! If water drips and pools along the lower edge, don’t forget to gently dab the excess with a clean cloth. Do not over-saturate the board (with brush stokes) and absolutely do not dip the board in water.


How old do you have to be to use a Buddha Board?

We recommend it for ages 5 and up. That being said, make sure children under 10 understand how to take care of their boards.


What kind of water should I use and how often should I change it?

Use clean room temperature water and change it for each use.


How long will my drawing last on the Buddha Board?

Evaporation rates depend on the thickness and saturation of the stroke. You can start to see fading at 30 seconds and some strokes may take as long as 10 minutes to disappear.


Can I finger paint using water?

No! We know it’s tempting, but we don’t recommend it as you could permanently transfer oils or other substances to the surface.


How can I make it dry faster?

While part of the enjoyment of Buddha Board is to naturally flow with the process of creating and to practice patience, dabbing your board GENTLY and with a very SOFT clean cloth will help the drying process. Do not use hairdryers as they are too warm for the surface material.




How long will my board last?

That depends on you and how you care for your board! With the proper care mentioned below, the board can last for several years.


How do I care for my board?

Handle your board by the edges only. It’s also best to avoid touching the surface as much as possible. The tray should never be filled with more then one inch of water. Don’t over saturate or fully immerse your board in water. Ensure to ONLY use a clean soft-bristled brush on the surface of the board. If water drips down the board and settles along the bottom edge, dab it with a soft cloth [especially where the board rests into the water tray].


What will permanently damage a Buddha Board?

Anything that isn’t water! Oils from skin, ink, crayon, cooking oil, paint, food, sharp edges, dirt, jello, highlighters, pencils, etc. Keeping your board in the kitchen is NOT recommended. Most mishaps occur there or with children trying other tools on it. Take care to not let anything but a brush touch the surface, and note that hard edges can cause permanent scratches.




Will other brushes work on the Buddha Board?

Absolutely! Any NEW clean soft-bristled brush can assist you in your creations. Note: Do not use brushes that have been previously used for real painting purposes, as some of the colour could still be present and could permanently mark the surface.


Can you put anything else in the Original Buddha Board’s water tray for decoration?

Yes! We offer the beautiful Zen River Rocks to complete your experience. They are natural, polished rocks that are safe to put into the tray. They also assist you in ‘squeegee-ing’ off excess water from your brush, plus they just look so darn lovely.