BYOL tote (with Floral July cover)


This 4-side printed BYOL (Bring Your Own Lunch) heavy weight organic canvas tote is sewn with draw-string floral cover made of scrap fabric.

The cover is sewn by Mother and Child Project (MNCP). MNCP is a local social enterprise that empowers women from under-privileged families with sewing skills that help supplement their income.

Print on Long Side 1

Print on Long Side 2

Prints on two Short Sides

The BYOL Eco-Luncher™ tote is a roomy chic tote made of 100% organic cotton and comes with a broad base (removable recycled cardboard). The unique shape and dimension is extremely useful for packing lunch/picnic boxes, for even the whole family.

This useful tote has a inside pocket for keeping things in place (like cutlery, napkins, EZ Link card, slim wallet, smart phone, compact camera, or even folded diaper!). The bottle sleeve insert is a thoughtful add-on to prevent spills.

With inside seam joints sewn covered so that no frays are exposed and handles reinforced with cross stitches at stress points, this sustainable tote is made to last!

L12"” x W6” x H8”. Handles are L13.5” x W1".

Made in:

Bringing your own lunch is healthier (what can beat home cooked meals?), not to mention environmentally friendly.

Take-away foods are often packed in either non-biodegradable containers such as styrofoams or anti-grease coated papers. Materials like styrofoam are made from petroleum and has toxins that leach out into food in contact with them. Styrofoam is formed by a synthetic material called polystyrene, which emits harmful substances like Styrene and Benzene into the air and into the food that has been packed in such containers. These toxins, when taken in with food, affect the reproductive system of the consumer.

Styrene gets stored in our fat cells, where they can accumulate to dangerous levels causing nervousness, fatigue, insomnia, depression and nervousness.

Benzene, on the other hand, is classified as a human carcinogen. Long-term exposure to excessive levels of benzene in the air causes leukemia, a potentially fatal cancer of the blood-forming organs, in susceptible individuals.

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