Raw Organic Bolivian Brazil Nuts (8oz/227g)

Raw Organic Bolivian Brazil Nuts (8oz/227g)

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Organic Raw Brazil nuts (Bertholletia excelsa) are grown in the Madre de Dios region of Peru in the lush Amazonian rainforest at the intersection of Peru, Brazil and Bolivia--one of the most fruitful Brazil nut production lands in the world. Indigenous individuals from local Amazonian communities gather the wild brazil nuts and bring them down river to a centralized market which is done with age-old techniques and in a pristine way, which allows the consumer to receive nuts of the utmost superb quality.

Nutritionally, brazil nuts are an excellent source of (A toxic nonmetallic element related to sulfur and tellurium; occurs in several allotropic forms; a stable gray metallike allotrope conducts electricity better in the light than in the dark and is used in photocells; occurs in sulfide ores (as pyrite)) selenium and a good source of (A light silver-white ductile bivalent metallic element; in pure form it burns with brilliant white flame; occurs naturally only in combination (as in magnesite and dolomite and carnallite and spinel and olivine)) magnesium and (A B vitamin that prevents beriberi; maintains appetite and growth) thiamine.

They are 14% protein, 11% carbohydrates, and 67% fat. The fat breakdown is roughly 25% saturated, 41% monounsaturated, and 34% polyunsaturated. The saturated fat content of brazil nuts is among the highest of all nuts. RawGuru supplies its customers with premium quality raw organic Brazil Nuts, harvested by families in Peru and Bolivia who greatly value and rely on healthy rainforests for their livelihood. Eating a Brazil nut literally saves the rainforest! Enjoy!

Net Wt: 16 oz

Origin: Bolivia