Recycled Tape Wristlet

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Innovative artisans upcycle and weave VHS or cassette tapes with cotton to create a fun eco-friendly version of the classic clutch. Clutch contains a wristlet strap, internal pocket, and a magnet button closure. 

recycled VHS or audio tapes, cotton
Item code: VSB 216


  Fair Trade 



  Funds Community Development





   Recycled/ Upcycled 

Dimensions: 6.5" x 4.5"


Note: This item is made of upcycled sari cloths. The actual colours may appear different from the picture.


Upcycled Tape Weaving

In the multicultural capital of New Delhi, India, the art of weaving our purse and clutch collection from upcycled video and cassette tapes is done by young adults who are mentally and physically challenged by motor, cognitive or behavioral conditions. Artisans receive specialized training in the craft of plastic weaving on lightweight looms. Chic and eco-friendly, the upcycled tape woven into the fibers strengthens the fabric and provides a cool, metallic sheen.

Artisans are employed by an NGO focused on enriching the lives of people with disabilities by “therapy through arts.” Artisans learn specific skills to earn fair living wages and become independent. They have access to computers, stitching and embroidery, carpentry, baking, and cosmetology training. The organization also runs a school for underprivileged children and provides medical therapy in some cases. Purchasing products made by these artisans ensures that this talented and special group of people remain employed and free of exploitation.