Vegan House Sprouted Organic Cashew Nuts 8oz

Vegan House Sprouted Organic Cashew Nuts 8oz

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These are truly raw and organic hand-cracked cashews, shelled by hand and never heated, unlike the ones in the store that say raw but are steamed or fried to remove the shell.

This is the perfect healthy snack, rich in natural healthy oils. Tasty, creamy, rich in minerals, the ultimate gourmet quality. Our cashew are wild harvested and shelled without heating the raw cashew nut. The farmers use specially-designed tools to split open each cashew shell by hand, leaving the cashew nut raw and fresh. Whole cashews with bud still intact will sprout and grow.

Furthermore, our raw cashews now come sprouted (soaked and then dehydrated). 

Some of the reasons why soaking of nuts is beneficial to our health:

  • it removes anti-nutrients like phytates, tannins and goitrogens
  • it helps to neutralise enzyme inhibitors
  • it increases the potency of nutrients such as Vitamin B
  • it makes proteins more readily available
  • it eradicate toxins contained in the colon and encourages the growth of beneficial bacteria like lactobacilli which we know is vital for intestinal and colon health
  • it promotes the growth of healthy enzymes vital for healthy digestion

Net wt.: 16 oz

Product of Mexico and Vietnam