Colour Splash Pouch (Assorted)

Colour Splash Pouch (Assorted)

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Hold small books, journals, tablets, and more in this small but multifunctional coin purse in our popular color splash patchwork style! This bag focuses on a color band, and has a matching tassel pull for zipper closure. The colors are assorted, but controlled with only shades of: light pinks, purples, emerald/teals, blues, raspberry reds, dark pink/fuchsias, and black. Use as a tablet case, zipper pouch for a larger bag, or fold over to use as a clutch. 

upcycled Indian textiles, cotton, plastic zipper
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   Recycled/ Upcycled 

Dimensions: 13" x 10" tassel 3"
   Upcycled Sari

Choose from these four patterns (limited qty, only 1 each!):

Spring (front)

Spring (back)

Fire (front)

Fire (back)

Maroon (front)

Maroon (back)

Midnight (front)

Midnight (back) 


Get all 4 at a special price - $95.00 (U.P. $119.60)!


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Matt Boomie support fair trade to provide help for those who need it most. They want to see their artisan partners succeed and grow through fair trade, and are happy to work with small groups that show potential. One of Matr Boomie's smallest groups grew from 15 members to 100 in a three-year period; along with the growth in members came a 25% increase in income. Artisans no longer feel the need to keep children home to work and earn extra income for their families. More children are encouraged to stay in school longer, which is driving average literacy rates up. Artisans are also embracing education for themselves, with many adults enrolling in night classes. More girls are continuing their educations, strengthening female voices and status in the community. Artisan now enjoy benefits such as paid sick and holiday leave, comfortable and friendly work environments, and respectful and dignified trading relationships.