About Us

BGO Ecoshop is the online retail arm of BGO Singapore which curates well-designed lifestyle eco products, raw organic vegan foods, mind and body improvement products and services that supports your health and wellness. We have been serving consumers in Singapore since 


Besides online retail, the company also distributes raw organic food and reusable bags. Please contact us at bgosingapore@gmail.com if you have wholesale  or corporate gift inquiries.

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Supporter of The Food Bank Singapore


We partner with The Food Bank Singapore to reduce food wastage. Our over-stock food items are donated to The Food Bank Singapore which works with food aid agencies which will then distribute the items to needy families in SIngapore.


About the Team

Chewy is the founder of BGO Ecoshop and she is supported by her loving husband Sweng Lee (www.31images.com) who is a photography lecturer. He likes photography and the arts. She likes stories and languages. They both love nature walks, children, animals, mind-training and healthy vegetarian food.

Chewy and Sweng are based in Singapore.