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Image and review from Yooying at Bewitchedsg.com


Got this in my May box surprise from @lohasia and decided to do a little taste with #Rawmio Almond Crunch ... OMG, it's soon good !!! It's a blend of organic coconut flakes, almonds, coconut sugar and cacao nibs with a touch of vanilla bean and Himalayan pink salt ! What's not to love !!! It's so light and yummy and chocolatey. So much better than my regular peanut butter ... Thank you #Lohasia for introducing me to this!


Just wanted to feedback on the (Idocare) washing powder. It really works very well for my diapers. I have tried strip washing them but to no effect but the lavender washing powder deodorizes AND removed build up from e fleece so that for the first time in a long time, my pocket diapers are working properly and staying dry! Really glad for this great product that is affordable and good for the environment, as well as good for baby :) thank you so much for bringing it in.
- Chloe


I received the package this morning. Thank you very much! Thank you also for the samples! Much appreciated.
- Shuchita


Thank you so much Chewy. Really appreciate your efforts :) Sophie and Noah will love them (gift sets).

- Alexia


Thank you for your prompt service. I received my order today.

Your good service is always appreciated!

- Angeline


Just received the cacao butter earlier today. I like the convenient packaging, makes them easy to store. I already tried it on my skin and it's great moisturizer as well! Thanks!

- Isabela


Hi Chewy,

I love and appreciate that you wrote the note for me, you're so kind! Thanks so much!

- Jasmine


I got the stuff today - so exciting! :)

Thanks again for all your help (and the extra almond butter).

I will be back for more! ;-). Have a great weekend.

- Priya


Really appreciate the extra gestures.

- Anita


I have received my order, in good condition. I appreciate the fast delivery and thank you for the cacao powder.

- Aisah


Just got my Earth Alternative t-shirt. It is indeed very soft and thin but I think it is still suitable for me. Like the soft touch and color. - Siong Chye


I received the parcel yesterday. Thanks again :) and will sure shop at ur website again.. - Ei Ei