Gift Card $25

Gift Card $25

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Gift someone a BGO Ecoshop Gift Card to shop for great natural and organic products from our online store!

Whether you are gifting one or a number of recipients, purchasing our Gift Card online is easy. 

Simply purchase Gift Cards that make up your total value and contact us to confirm the number of Gift Cards and the respective denominations to be issued.

For example: You want $20 Gift Card for 5 people and $80 Gift Card for 1 person. Total Gift Card value is $180.

How the Gift Card works: 

A. Select & purchase:

3 x $50 Gift Card

3 x $10 Gift Card

Total value: $180

B. Contact us to let us know your Gift Card requirements.

ie. $20 Gift Card for 5 people and $80 for 1 person

C. We will issue the respective Gift Cards with unique codes and send you by email.

D. You then email the Gift Cards to your gift recipients and delight them!



1. What is the expiration date of your Gift Cards?

We will set expiration date to be 1 year from date of purchase.


2. Will there be a physical Gift Card?

No. We will email you (the purchaser) an electronic Gift Card like below for you to forward to your intended recipient(s). 


3. Why don't you email the Gift Card directly to the recipients instead?

We respect the privacy of your recipients and would prefer not to send out unsolicited emails.


4. Will the recipient's name be printed on the Gift Card?

No, but If you wish, we can add the recipient's name to the Gift Card.


 5. Is the discount applicable on all items on your online store?



6. How many times can the discount be used?

Each discount code can only be used once.


7. Must the discount be consumed at a single purchase?

Each Gift Card value must be fully utilised for each purchase.


8. Can the Gift Card recipient transfer the Gift Card to another person?

Certainly. So long as the discount code has not been used and it is within the expiration date, anyone can use it.


9. Can I buy the Gift Cards and use it myself?

Sure. It may actually be a good idea to buy the Gift Cards when there is a sale and utilise it for your own purchases.

You would still need to contact us after your Gift Card purchase to let us know how you would want to break up your Gift Card. It can be broken down into denominations of $5, $10, $20, $25, $50 and $100. Gift Cards are effective once the discount codes are generated and issued to you. 

Please bear in mind that for each purchase, the expiration dates for the Gift Cards will be set as 1 year from the date of purchase.


10. Are Gift Cards purchases refundable?

We regret that Gift Cards purchases are non-refundable.


11. I prefer to give physical Gift Cards. Would you be able to print out the Gift Cards for me?

Yes, we would be able to do that for you at a cost of 50 cents per Gift Card. If you require us to mail the cards separately to your recipients, we would advise you of the postage fees. Please allow 3-5 working days for the physical Gift Card to reach you/your recipients.