Jogi Cushion Cover + Pillow Insert

Jogi Cushion Cover + Pillow Insert

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This colorful 100% cotton, screenprinted fabric cushion cover has a charming wooden button closure and Pom-pom lace details on two sides. Assorted colours. 

cotton, synthetic fiber
Item code: UNCC 509


  Fair Trade 



  Funds Community Development






Dimensions: 18" x 18"
   Upcycled Sari


Choose from these two patterns:

Red (Front)

Red (back)

Purple (front)

Purple (back)


Artisans in urban northwest India sew upcycled denim, sari fabrics and cotton to create Matr Boomie's beautifully repurposed and stylish accessories. The fabric is sourced from cloth collectors’ remnants and discards, checked for defects, washed and prepped for a new life. Men take the bulk of the machine stitching work; women work on finishing, traditional kantha embroidery and hand stitching. Many fabrics created and embellished by other artisans that require complex stitching are sent to this community for fine finishing details. 

Matt Boomie's stitching artisan partners come from a low-income Hindu community. Steady, reliable, fair income and skills training and development have enhanced their positions economically and socially. Many of the artisans’ children are in school, and the families can now attain higher education.