Kriti Scarf - Ganges Dip

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Long, skinny, open knit crochet scarf in the colors of India's sacred Himalayan river! Thread colors of indigo, aqua, light periwinkle, olive green, and brown are crocheted together in a long skinny shape good for wrapping around as many times as the user wants and is thin and open knit enough to wear in spring, summer, and fall. 

100% cotton
Item code: CLS 223


  Fair Trade 



  Funds Community Development






Dimensions: 76" x 7"



This craft was introduced in south India in the middle of the 19th century to provide poor and dalit women employment. The only tool needed for crochet is a simple hooked needle and thread, yet the intricate patterns have an underlying mathematical structure that express delicacy and beauty. About 100 women crochet our products, mostly from their homes.

Matt Boomie's crochet partners live in the West Godavari delta region and belong to a community cooperative that focuses on economic development and artisan training. This group provides education, savings and loan programs, and free medical care, and promotes anti-dowry advocacy.