Mirage Scarf - Slate

Mirage Scarf - Slate

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This sheer scarf is made of batik-printed viscose, so it’s lightweight and perfect for a cool evening. 

Item code: VGS 110


  Fair Trade 



  Funds Community Development






Dimensions: 15" W x 58" Drop



Batik is a traditional art of wax-resist dyeing on textiles that can be traced back to the 6th century in India. Artisans use wax to draw on fabric, rinse it with non-toxic dyes, dry in sunlight, and remove the wax to reveal unique textures within the hand-drawn patterns. Each of Matr Boomie's batik prints is truly one-of-a-kind, crafted by a small group of about 30 artisans who live in a rural desert region of western India.

The umbrella NGO that employs our artisans provides sustainable employment to local youth and the batik production unit is the vocation and training arm. Women artisans do the wax drawings while men do the dyeing and washing. Both men and women stitch and finish the products. Artisans benefit from health care, transportation, food and refreshments, a clean, safe work environment, skills training and entrepreneurial development.