Training Pant, Owl Print

Training Pant, Owl Print

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These owl print and sherbet stripe training pants are soft and easy for your toddler to pull on. The owl print fabric will be an inspiration as the owls root and hoot for your child's potty progress!
Size: 2-4yrs fits 26-36lbs.
Made with the finest 100% organic Egyptian cotton.

Ethical Sourcing

Ethical, Practical, Affordable

In today's connected world we all have a greater awareness of where the products we use everyday come from. 

We want to know how our food is sourced and if it’s healthy for us and our children, we care about how our family's clothes and accessories are produced, and we want to know that the people creating these products are treated humanely. 
When Janice and Mohamed Masoud began making Under the Nile a reality, they needed a partner who shared their vision for a company committed to every aspect of ethical sourcing — organic farming methods, ethical production standards, and put-into-practice environmental awareness. 

After a lengthy search they discovered SEKEM, Egypt's premier Sustainable Development and Organic Product Initiative, and a lasting partnership and friendship was formed.

SEKEM comes from the ancient Eyptian hieroglyh forVitality.

All Under the Nile products are sourced solely from SEKEM.

This means you're guaranteed not only wonderful, practical and affordable products for you and your baby but also that:

  • Everything is made from 100% handpicked organic Egyptian cotton
  • Cotton is planted and harvested using earth-friendly, biodynamic agricultural methods
  • The farms and production facilities are all Fair Trade Certified
  • The Initiative emphasizes education for its employees and their children, along with good working conditions and fair pay 

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More About SEKEM 

  • The SEKEM Initiative was founded in 1977 by Dr. Ibrahim Abouleish to revitalize desert land outside of Cairo using bio-organic farming methods
  • Over time and with hard work, SEKEM workers made this vision of sustainable development in the desert a reality
  • SEKEM's operation includes the manufacturing and sale of products from the land: organic cotton, fruits and vegetables
  • Today, the SEKEM Development Foundation runs a school, medical center, vocational training center, and programs for socially disadvantaged children. 

Farm to You 

When you buy our products, you can be confident that they're made from pure, 100% organic hand-picked Egyptian cotton. Plus, you can learn about the people who make up the stories behind Under the Nile's products.

With every Under the Nile purchase you make, you help support SEKEM's amazing and transformative programs.

13 Villages

Under the Nile's Fruit and Veggie Toys share a special history. They're all made through the 13 Villages Project, a SEKEM initiative to bring economic vitality to poor villages in Eygpt via investment, education, health care and microloans.

Under the Nile chose to be a part of the 13 Villages Project because every toy has a story — and we'd like to help make it a good one.
The 13 Villages Project is based on SEKEM’S vision of sustainable human and societal development. The Project creates economic opportunity by training inhabitants in nearby villages to start their own businesses — like restaurants, carpentry shops, and sewing centers.

Today there are 540 new enterprises in these villages, 98% of the microloans have been repaid, and the area is thriving.

By taking part in the project, Under the Nile helps provide our customers with healthy toys — and healthier living conditions for the Egyptian women who create them. 

“The women feel a sense of self-worth and empowerment. Learning a trade is inspiring them to try other things they would not normally have attempted. When I visited the villages, not only were the women happy, but the entire village was proud of what they had accomplished.” - Janice Masoud