Vegan NutriMeal Cookbook

Vegan NutriMeal Cookbook

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Nurse-turned-nutritionist Vinitha Ang of Nutrihub Culinary Arts has published a vegan nutrimeal cookbook packed full of nutritional facts and how to cook simple-to-make meals.

This cookbook consist of four parts:

Part 1 educates readers on the toxins in our foods and the right mindset in a healthy diet.

Part 2 consists of 12 NutriMeal breakfast recipes.

Part 3 introduces whole food plant-based diet and answers some questions on important elements in the diet.

Part 4 consists of 12 lunch and dinner recipes

Part 5 consists of 8 weekend treats and desserts recipes

The cookbook is ring-bound and props up nicely on its own. The recipes are translated into Chinese and followed with pictures that are well-explained. 

It is a wonderful gift for everyone keen in improving their health through diet.